Drug company executive and his escort accused of spending $5.8 million on company credit card


The Federal Bureau of Investigation accused a former drug company executive of giving a professional escort access to his company credit card where the two of them racked up a $5.8 million tab, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Former Nemera executive Scott Kennedy, 43, and Crystal Lundberg, 31, dropped millions of company dollars on unauthorized charges, including plastic surgery for Lundberg, Rolex watches, lavish vacations, a San Diego mansion and a chauffeur for Lundberg's two children, according to a court filing.

The filing, which was obtained by the Chicago Tribune, even shows the pair spent $24,000 on movers to haul Lundberg's potted plants from Illinois to her new 6,500-square-foot mansion in San Diego, where she planned to open a spa, also on the company's dime.

Left: Crystal Lundberg (Photo: LinkedIn), Right: Scott Kennedy (Photo: Facebook)

According to the court filing, Kennedy told FBI agents that he first met Lundberg when she was working as an escort in 2012 through the website Backpage.com, which advertises sexual services.

The report states that Kennedy solicited her services between eight and ten times from 2012 to May 2015.

By May 2015, Lundberg started pressing Kennedy for financial support and, sometime before the following November, she, her two children and their pets moved in with him at his suburban home, according to the FBI.

That same month, the filing states that Kennedy gave Lundberg access to his company credit card so that she could purchase Christmas gifts for her daughters.

The pair continued on to burn through $5.79 million of company cash over the next 16 months.

In a phone interview with the Chicago Tribune, Kennedy said he got duped by Lundberg because he "wanted to have a family."

"I'm the only person who has to answer for being stupid," he told the outlet.

"I wanted to be loved and cared for. My heart kind of overrid my head and said, 'Take a chance.' Well, it blew up in my face."

Both Lundberg and Kennedy are currently under investigation by the FBI for fraud and money laundering, but criminal charges have not yet been filed against either.