'I'm probably gonna rob you': Furious pizza delivery driver leaves 4-page letter on the doorstep of customer who didn't tip

A delivery driver with Postmates threatened to "rob" a woman after she failed to leave him a $4 tip on a $20 pizza order.

Lauren Ledford found a four-page letter on her doorstep in Redondo Beach, California, after she didn't leave a tip for a Postmates driver who had delivered a pizza to her home the week before.

In the letter, the driver threatened to come back and rob Ledford if she does not tip in future.

"I'm only joking, but not really. Don't risk it though. Who knows what a disgruntled delivery driver who can't afford to eat that day is capable of," the letter read.

He then went on to make racist and derogatory comments about women and claimed that he was "high."

Ledford, who describes herself as a model on her Facebook page, posted the letter to social media after complaining that Postmates, an app that connects independent delivery drivers and couriers to customers to order almost anything — from restaurant meals to groceries — had not addressed the issue or called her back.

Ledford wrote on Facebook that she thought a tip was included in the delivery charges that had been added to her order by Postmates. She also confirmed that the order was indeed booked via Postmates, since this was the only pizza delivery she had received in the past two months.

In the letter, the driver identified himself as a man and confirms that he had delivered pizza to her house the week before.

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Tipping 101
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Tipping should be based on your comfort level.

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Tip everyone

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Postmates confirmed to Business Insider that it had suspended the driver and contacted Ledford personally to apologize. The company said that all of its contracted drivers go through background checks.

"Every Postmate is screened before they're permitted to deliver on our platform, starting with professional third-party background and DMV checks," a spokesperson for the app told Business Insider.

"The criminal background check includes national and county-level databases and records stretching back a minimum of 7 years for review of convictions in California, or as deemed appropriate in other jurisdictions. Among other things, Postmates denies access to applicants for violent crimes, felonies, sexual offenses, or drug-related convictions that appear on a background check," the spokesperson said.

Ledford contacted local police to get a restraining order, but Postmates has refused to release the driver's full identity.

"It's really scary knowing that they have suddenly cut this man's income off and will not help to ensure my protection from this psycho," Ledford wrote on her Facebook page.

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