Dream Big, Live Small: Tiny home on wheels allows one homeowner to see the world

For Kimberly 'Kim' Villalobos, having a tiny home on wheels in northern California has changed her life in ways she never expected.

When Kim moved into her tiny home, which she calls 'The Dove,' instead of renting an apartment, she believed she it was time for her downsize. Since her move, however, Kim says that her home on wheels has given her not only a sense of independence and freedom but more importantly, financial flexibility.

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The YouTube content creator enjoys creating videos about fitness, minimalism and health tips, but above all, she can't wait to travel the world.

While living in a tiny home has been an adjustment for Kim, she can't wait to take her home -- and show -- on the road.

Watch the video above to learn more about Kim's storage tips and plans for the future.