15 companies with excellent work-life balance hiring now

Have you found yourself working a 10-hour day only to go home with a sore back dreading the 2 more hours of work you'll have to put in at night? Does it seem like the possibility of taking a week-long vacation gets farther and farther away from you the higher you climb on the corporate ladder?

Sure, there will always be seasons of hard work in your job, but if that time has lasted months or years, you need to think seriously about your work-life balance. And don't just dream about that vacation, go out and get a job that allows you the freedom to unplug while you vacation.

Here is just a selection of companies (in no particular order) that make work-life balance a top priority and have a Glassdoor work-life balance rating of 4.0 or above over the past year. And, good news, they are all hiring now!

Methodology: This list features a selection, in no particular order, of companies that have at least 30 work-life balance ratings above a 4.0, according to full and part-time employees over the past year (7/17/16 – 7/18/17). Company ratings on Glassdoor based on a 5.0 scale: 1.0=very dissatisfied, 3.0=OK, 5.0=very satisfied.