How much money O.J. Simpson could have made while in prison

O.J. Simpson was granted parole this week after being in prison for nearly nine years and, turns out, he's coming into some cash once he's released in as early as October.

ESPN did the math and calculated some public data on NFL pension credit per season per month, as well as a settlement in 2011 that upped that pension.

If he started taking money out at age 55 he would have made $423,570 while in prison.

However, according to ESPN, waiting until age 65 ups the pension value.

Meaning, if Simpson waited until he turned 65 to start taking the money out he could have made $602,205.

This money can't be collected by the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman as part of their 1997 civil trial win because pension money is protected by Florida law.

Which is why experts believe Simpson will return to Miami after his release.

Six hundred grand isn't exactly Brentwood, but Simpson left that life a long time ago.

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Hot takes emerge after O.J. Simpson is granted parole
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Hot takes emerge after O.J. Simpson is granted parole
Welp, O.J., Bill Cosby and R. Kelly are all free to make a buddy comedy movie now
OJ Simpson paroled! And sadly at this point he will probably be on an NFL team before @Kaepernick7
#OJSimpson has the entire airport at a standstill. It's like the 90's no one is moving. I think some are willing to miss fights.
OJ Simpson has been granted parole. As awful as it is, the board had to follow the law + not consider past behavior he wasn't convicted for
Donald Trump is in the White House and O.J. Simpson is out of jail, I think someone is trying to tell us something
In 2017, are you surprised that O.J. Simpson is free now that Trump is president and Kid Rock is running for senate?
O.J. dodging the haters while he returns home in October like....
Here's my thing: OJ's life was under a microscope & he committed armed robbery? How do we know he won't commit crime again? #OJSimpsonParole
#OJSimpsonParole OJ coming for Jay-Z on October 1st like:
Live shot of Kris Jenner finding out OJ got parole #OJSimpsonParole
OJ about to leave jail like 🏃🏾💨#OJSimpsonParole
OJ gets second chances poor Black people don't get. #OJSimpsonParole
White folks hearing OJ free... #OJSimpsonParole
OJ's gonna drop a podcast the day he's released
Safe money is that Trump golfs with OJ w/in 20 days and then puts him in charge of some agency about domestic abuse right? #USA
Some of you are HEATED that OJ has been granted parole, but seem to have accepted that George Zimmerman is a free man. 🤔 #Fight4Justice

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