More and more people are quitting their jobs

Americans are known for their hard work and not taking all their vacation time, but a new U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report says that Americans are quitting their jobs at the same rate as pre 9/11 times.

In May 2017, more than 3 Million people quit their jobs.

That's a lot of quitting, especially since there were more layoffs than people who quit during the great recession in 2008.

That means people are either looking for better options with more perks or they are not as worried about unemployment.

According to Fatherly, HR pros are taking longer to fill vacancies that would have been snagged immediately during the recession.

But there is no indication that wages are going up, which means benefits packages, including paid parental leave, are a way companies are luring in new perspectives.

Fast Company's 2017 top companies
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Fast Company's 2017 top companies
20. Illumination Entertainment -- For creating a monster out of a Minion

[Illustration: Ollanski]

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18. Buzzfeed -- For feeding a viral fever

[Illustration: Alexis Facca]

17. Airbnb -- For putting a world of experiences at our fingertips

[Photo: courtesy of Airbnb]

16-11. Dalian Wanda, Huawei, Electronics, BBK, Xiaomi, Tencent, Alibaba -- For ramping up the pace for the world

[Illustrations: Edel Rodriguez]

09. Chobani -- For stirring it up in the grocery store

[Photo: Jason Alden, Bloomberg via Getty Images]

08. Twilio -- For giving apps a voice

[Illustration: Jamie Cullen]

07. Netflix -- For making surfing fun again

[Illustration: Matt Rota]

06. Facebook -- “It’s creativity with technology,” says Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg of the company’s efforts to develop ad products that drive sales

[Photo: Mark Mahaney]

04. Apple -- For baking in its advantages

[Illustration: Travis Coburn]

03. Uber -- For accelerating autonomous driving

[Illustration: courtesy of Uber]


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