This Madewell jacket looks a lot like a concentration camp uniform

Women's clothing company Madewell is finding itself under hot water for selling a jacket that looks strikingly similar to a concentration camp uniform.

That's according to Allure Magazine, pointing the finger at this "shrunken workwear jacket in poppy stripe."

Here's an example of a concentration camp uniform. You can see a similar pattern, cut, and even pocket layout.

But in the description, the J Crew-owned company says it's "inspired by a traditional military shirt-jacket" which is "perfect for breezy nights on the beach."

On one online review, a shopper says it looks railroad-inspired.

The site is also selling matching pants, which are a little less similar to the jacket. Both the shirt and pants are on sale.

Madewell isn't the first company to be accused of insensitive clothing designs. A few years back Zara designed a kids' striped shirt with a gold star, some thought looked similar to the Jewish star. Public outcry caused the chain to quickly remove the shirt from shelves.