Here's why Trader Joe's is limiting its cauliflower rice

Trader Joe's customers might have to trade one another in the parking lot in order to get their hands on more than two bags of cauliflower rice.

The product is too popular for its own good!

The grocery chain says there's now a two-bag per customer limit, according to Food and Wine.

However, here's why you probably shouldn't panic if you want to get your hands on the good stuff for $2.49.

It's not a nationwide limit. The ration only applies to certain locations in South Orange, New Jersey and Fairfield, Connecticut, according to a Well + Good rep.

Another silver lining is that a Trader Joe's rep said they wouldn't be enforcing the rule at the Connecticut location.

Even if you are affected by the limit, you can always make your own.

Plus, veggies being insanely popular these days means the population is likely making healthier eating choices!

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