The Atlanta Falcons' new stadium will sell food and beer at unbelievably low prices


In a world of constant inflation and outrageous stadium food prices, the Atlanta Falcons could emerge as one of the most fan-friendly teams in all of sports.

Atlanta's new home turf, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, is set to open its doors on August 26, and once it does, Falcons fans will be able to buy concessions at prices most fans can only dream of. ESPN's Darren Rovell tweeted an image of the intended rates on Tuesday.

Not surprisingly, people went wild at the news.

Buying expensive stadium concessions can be frustrating for fans. In 2015, for example, the combined price of a hot dog, a soda and a small beer at a San Francisco 49ers game was $22, meaning a group of four could easily spend upwards of $100 on food.

But that won't be a problem at Mercedes-Benz Stadium — not with its bottom-barrel prices. Fans will be able to purchase that same hot dog meal for just $9, much more in line with grocery-store rates, or perhaps fast-food rates.

Take a look at the construction of the stadium:

Falcons owner Arthur Blank said he authorized the low prices in an effort to better accommodate the fans.

"We focused from the beginning on building a unique fan experience at Mercedes-Benz Stadium with a goal of helping those who visit to leave the stadium with great memories shared with family and friends, not aggravation and frustration about their experience," he said in a statement.

The Falcons will play their first-ever game in the new stadium on September 17, hosting the Green Bay Packers. Expect the concession stands to be just as popular as the action on the field.

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