The rise of Tom Hanks’ net worth

Tom Hanks often plays the good guy in movies, but that's not the case in his most recent film, "The Circle."

Released April 28, "The Circle" tells the story of a young woman (Emma Watson) who lands a dream job at a powerful tech company called the Circle. Once inside, she uncovers a dangerous agenda that will affect all of humanity.

Box office totals have not been high for "The Circle." As of June 2017, the movie has pulled in about $20.5 million, which is just more than its production budget of $18 million. Critics have also been unkind to the movie, with many calling it a huge box office flop.

Regardless of how much money "The Circle" ultimately pulls in — or what the critics say — Hanks won't be affected. According to celebrity finance website Celebrity Net Worth, Tom Hanks' net worth is an impressive $350 million, proving his time spent entertaining audiences has already been lucrative.

Tom Hanks Net Worth: $350 Million

In 1980, Hanks landed one of his first acting roles in the horror movie "He Knows You're Alone." That same year, he starred in the television series "Bosom Buddies." Hanks appeared in a handful of movies between 1984 and 1987, including "Splash," which brought in a mere $70,000 domestically.

The late '80s and early '90s were good to Hanks. During a five-year stretch, he starred in the movies "Big," "Turner & Hooch," "A League of Their Own" and "Philadelphia," the latter of which earned him his first Oscar.

Today, Hanks is one of the best known, most respected and highest-paid actors in Hollywood. He also has extensive experience behind the camera, serving as the writer, producer and director for the 2011 movie "Larry Crowne," a film he also starred in. His honors include two Oscars, four Golden Globes and six Primetime Emmys.

More than two dozen of Hanks' movies have made $115 million or more at box offices worldwide. Check out his 10 highest-grossing movies below, and then click through to learn more about some of his most successful movies.