You can watch Netflix again on flights to the US from Dubai and Istanbul

Passengers aboard an Emirates or Turkish Airlines flight to the United States from Dubai or Istanbul will no longer be at the mercy of in-flight movie selections (though Emirates has some pretty solid ones. So does Turkish Airlines, really).

Laptops and other devices such as Kindles and iPads are once again allowed onboard after the airlines incorporated a new set of pre-flight security measures, Emirates and Turkish Airlines announced on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Turkish Airlines even made a little promotional video for the occasion.

Etihad Airlines also recently announced that passengers on U.S.-bound flights from Abu Dhabi can use their own laptops.

A TSA spokesperson wrote in an email that the agency wouldn't comment on specific details of the new security measures, but that those measures included "enhancing overall passenger screening," "conducting heightened screening of personal electronic devices," "increasing security protocols around aircraft and in passenger areas," and "deploying advanced technology, expanding canine screening, and establishing additional pre-clearance locations."

A Turkish aviation expert perhaps provided a clue when he told The New York Times that only the newest airport security machines can spot plastic explosives.

In March, the United States banned laptops and other electronic devices bigger than a phone on flights to the U.S. from specific airports in Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Kuwait after intelligence suggested that extremists might be able to hide bombs in device batteries.

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