President Trump's net worth is slipping due to one cause

President Trump's net worth appears to be slipping.

That's according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index which estimates Trump's net worth has dropped by $100 million dollars from a year ago.

That puts Trump's net worth at an estimated $2.9 billion, down from last year's $3 billion.

Looking at the documents that are publicly available, it appears Trump's downward climb is largely due to a drop in property value for three of his New York City buildings.

Those buildings include 40 Wall Street, Trump Tower, and 1290 Avenue of the Americas, which are now valued at $380 million dollars. All three took in significantly less money than their initial appraisal.

It hasn't been a complete wash for the president though. His liquid assets have increased $60 million.

Unsurprisingly, Trump's go-to weekend club Mar-a-Lago saw a 25% rise in sales.

When then-candidate Trump first threw his hat into the ring, he boasted to be worth in excess of $10 billion dollars determined by the value of his name. Later he said his stated net worth fluctuates based on his mood.

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