A committee of 14 execs will run Uber during CEO Travis Kalanick's leave of absence — here they are


Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is taking a leave of absence from the company, and in his place Uber will be run by a committee of 14 execs, Uber confirmed to Yahoo Finance.

Kalanick will take a leave of absence to "work on myself" and to deal with a recent family tragedy, according to an email he sent to the company. When Kalanick comes back, he will be stripped of some duties, and Uber's board will appoint an independent chair to "limit his influence," Bloomberg reported. There is no return date set for Kalanick, however.

Kalanick's leave of absence comes after the conclusion of an investigation by former Attorney General Eric Holder into Uber's toxic workplace culture. The report didn't recommend that Kalanick step away from the company, but Uber's board discussed it with Kalanick during an emergency board meeting on Sunday. The report, however, did recommend that Kalanick's responsibilities be reviewed and reallocated.

During Kalanick's leave of absence, Uber will be run by 14 of his direct reports, excluding his right-hand man Emil Michael, who resigned from Uber on Monday. The committee includes several execs who some observers thought might face discipline following the Holder report, including Ryan Graves, Uber's first CEO and a board member, who oversaw the HR department, and CTO Thuan Pham, who former engineer Susan Fowler said she reported incidents of sexual harassment to.

Still, they are on the list, along will 12 others.

Here are the people who will run Uber, according to Yahoo Finance:

  • Andrew Macdonald, Regional GM, Latin America and Asia-Pacific

  • Pierre Dimitri Gore-Coty, Regional GM

  • Rachel Holt, Regional GM, US and Canada

  • Daniel Graf, VP of Product Management

  • David Richter, SVP of Business

  • Eric Meyhofer, Head of Advanced Technologies Group

  • Frances Frei, SVP of Leadership & Strategy

  • Jeff Holden, Chief Product Officer

  • Jill Hazelbaker, SVP of Policy & Communications

  • Joe Sullivan, Chief Security Officer

  • Liane Hornsey, Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Ryan Graves, SVP of Operations

  • Salle Yoo, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary

  • Thuan Pham, Chief Technology Officer

Additional reporting by Biz Carson.

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