6 must-have apps to save money on Amazon

Amazon is definitely a crowd favorite when it comes to shopping online as you can buy almost anything. The one thing you probably haven't had much success at finding on Amazon is shopping discounts. Thankfully, there are apps to help you find discounts and save money on Amazon in unimaginable ways.

Honey App

The Honey App looks for discounts to help you save money on Amazon. Honey will automatically check the sales price from other Amazon vendors for the product you are currently viewing. If the app finds a lower price, an orange Honey button will appear. It states how much money you can save if you purchase from a different Amazon merchant. The button might read "Save $5.35" as an example.

In addition to saving you money at Amazon, Honey will also save money by instantly entering discount codes at many online stores, even pizza shops, so you don't have to manually peck each code into the discount box and hope the code is still valid. And, you can also save additional money at other online stores that will give you a cash back bonus ranging from 1% to 15%.

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Paribus can help you save money on Amazon in two different ways. The first way is by monitoring your purchase history and Paribus will automatically file a price adjustment claim if Amazon lowers the price within the eligible time period. And, you get reimbursed the price difference minus a 25% success fee.

A second way Paribus can save you money on Amazon is when your order arrives after the guaranteed delivery date when you pay for shipping costs like expedited shipping. Paribus will automatically submit a claim to request compensation and the money is remitted to your credit card when the request is approved.

To begin saving money with Paribus, you will need to link your Amazon account to the app. After that, Paribus will automatically track your purchases and the future product prices and send you an e-mail when they find a cash back opportunity. Paribus is free to use except for when they keep 25% of your refund. But, let's be honest, how many of us monitor the prices of products after we purchase them? You are still "money ahead" when a Paribus claim gets approved.

If you also shop at other places online, Paribus can also save you money at 30 online retailers, including Walmart and Target, by tracking your email purchase receipts.

Trim Financial Manager

This is a relatively new app. Trim Financial Manager will also save you money on Amazon by monitoring your purchase history once you connect your Amazon account. If a price drops, they submit the price adjustment claim for free and you get to keep the entire credit, unlike Paribus that keeps 25% of the price drop. However, Trim doesn't monitor shipment delivery dates.

You might consider Trim, instead of Paribus, if you need help monitoring your subscriptions. By linking your bank and credit card accounts to Trim, they will scan your spending patterns and send you a text message with all your subscriptions. If you want to cancel your movie streaming plan or gym membership, just text "Cancel ______". Trim will cancel your subscription for free.


Despite the unconventional name, CamelCamelCamel doesn't track your purchase history on Amazon. And, you don't even need to link your Amazon account to save money.

Instead, CamelCamelCamel tracks current Amazon prices and will send you price drop alerts for products on your watchlist. If you have kept Amazon items in your cart or wish list and do not purchase them for an extended period of time, you have probably noticed how the prices can fluctuate on a regular basis. Now you no longer have to watch the prices on a daily basis.

Along with signing up for price alerts, you can also view the price history of 18 million Amazon products. One final way to find price drops using CamelCamelCamel, is to click on the "Top Price Drops" when you are not shopping for one particular product.

Amazon Coupons

This isn't exactly an app as Amazon Coupons is an extension of Amazon. However, you can browse the various shopping categories and look for potential savings. If you like Skippy peanut butter, you can clip a coupon for 50 cents or save 20% on Colgate toothbrushes.

When you are willing to save money by purchasing a particular product, taking a few minutes to look through Amazon coupons can save you money. This Amazon feature is free to use. The coupons you "clip" are stored electronically until you purchase the product. The process is very similar to clipping coupons from the Sunday newspaper for your next grocery store visit.


Ebates is a favorite cash back app as you can get money back from over 2,000 online stores including Amazon. While you can earn anywhere from 1% to 40% cash back on your entire order for most stores, cash back rewards on Amazon are restricted to a few categories.

For example, you can receive 3% cash back on clothing, watches, lawn and garden, home improvement, and home services. Those reward categories are subject to change so it always pays to check Ebates before visiting Amazon. They could have added a new reward category since your last Amazon purchase.

In fact, Ebates can also be an excellent option because you can also clip digital Amazon coupons to save money at checkout. Plus, an app like Paribus or Trim will continue to track the product prices to try and give you an even larger savings amount.

Along with earning cash back on your Amazon purchase, you can also receive a $10 bonus on your first Ebates purchase greater than $25. Once your reward balance reaches $5, Ebates will send you a "big fat check" for free.

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There are two different methods to save money when you shop on Amazon. One way is to use an app that tracks your purchase history. Then it will file a price adjustment claim when Amazon lowers the price. The second option is to track the current prices and make a purchase when you receive a price alert, an eligible coupon, or a cash back discount. Either option will save you money.

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