You can live in the US and Canada at the same time for $109K -- See the home

A 7,000-square-foot fixer-upper in North America is garnering a lot of attention.

The property comes with a lot of baggage -- not just a much-needed renovation, but also armed 24-hour security.

You see, the home straddles the United States' northern border between Beebe Plain, Vermont, and Stanstead, Quebec.

Due to its 1950s condition and unique position, the 1782 home, which is currently divided into five apartments, is on the market for just $109,000.

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Brian DuMoulin and his wife, Joan, inherited the property 40 years ago, before 9/11 led to an increase in security measures and when border living was much more serene.

"In the day, it was a normal and natural thing," DuMoulin told AP. "Now it stresses everyone out."

DuMoulin, who has dual U.S.-Canadian citizenship, recalled an instance when a Canadian border agent noticed his family standing outside on their property, and demanded they report to a border post.

"That's the awkwardness," he said. "If there is an awkwardness, it's that you can't just go this way or this way, you've got to go through (the ports of entry) and then back through."

Despite the challenges, the DuMoulins' agent has fielded several interested buyers.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.