Has Elon Musk finally ... cracked?

Hey Elon? Buddy? Is everything OK?

I know things have been pretty hectic lately, what with Model 3 production in high gear, all that talk of Mars, and the throes of young love making the world seem so fresh and new, but you're the CEO of three companies.

You've got to keep it together.

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Can we talk about your tweets for a minute? That seems like a good place to start.

Rightly, or wrongly, people hang on to each and every character you type. And sure, your Twitter account is a mix of business announcements, personal insights, and jokes. It's great! Really! You could not have a bigger fan than me. We're buddies, remember? We covered that already.

But maybe? From one friend to another? Could you possibly ease off the gas just the tiniest bit? Because between the two of us, old pal, and haha you know I only say this with the utmost love and respect: people are starting to wonder.

Remember when you tweeted that you were 500 years old?

Yes all in good fun, and of course we all know you're not secretly a sci-fi vampire draining the blood of teenagers in a quest to live forever. That would be crazy. But still...

And then there's this next tweet, sent 10 minutes later.

Not to be too judgy or anything, but that one kind of worries me, you know? Especially when followed up two days later with tweets about voodoo dolls.

Mixing Ambien and booze can cause hallucinations, and, well, as your friend I just couldn't help but see this and wonder if you're finally starting to crack under all that pressure?

It would be totally reasonable! No judgment here! But, and again I only say this with love in my heart, possibly just maybe consider swapping that literal chill pill with a metaphorical one? Or try meditation?

Because, and I hope this isn't putting too much pressure on you in what is clearly a stressful time, we're all kinda counting on you to get us off this dying planet. So, I don't know, feel free to reach out I guess is all I'm saying? We're here for you.