For some Californians, it's bring your dog to work day every day


Dogs are going to work in California, literally, as more and more tech companies are encouraging employees to bring their pups to the office.

At Gumgum, founder and CEO Ophir Tanz's American Eskimo dog greets employees when they arrive at the office.

He says allowing dogs at work can boost productivity, relieve stress and improve the working environment.

"I think this could be a high stress, very high paced environment and it just kind of takes the edge off. For just people to go for walks over the course of the day and to sort of sit down and just pet the dog, there's something about it which is just kind of gratifying and fun and we want to create a great work environment," said Tanz.

GumGum's pet policy is open only to dogs but Tanz says it could be expanded to include cats and other animals in the future - if they can get permission.

"We spend more time probably negotiating the dog component of our lease with the landlord than anything else," Tanz added.

At online fashion marketplace Tradesy, the integration of dogs is a win for employees and employers, says CEO Tracy DiNunzio.

"Our employees like being able to bring their dogs to work and it benefits our business. Our employees work longer hours because they've got their furry friends here. In a startup environment where everyone is working hard and the work can be stressful, it's really nice to have the ability to go pet a dog when you take a break," said DiNunzio.

So forget the laptop - the latest work accessory is a lap dog.