Bernie Sanders joins the 1 percent after making $1 million in 2016

It's safe to say Sen. Bernie Sanders had a very interesting 2016.

As he campaigned against the concentration of wealth among the top 1 percent earners in the country, he was also joining their ranks.

In addition to his significant $200,000 salary as senator, the former presidential candidate raked in a whopping $858,700 in book royalties, according Newsweek, which means he likely cleared $1 million in earnings last year.

It's likely a bittersweet position to be in for the anti-capitalist politician, considering his earnings put him well within the $389,436 1 percent threshold, according to a 2013 report. It is worth noting though, that the threshold can be much higher in metropolitan areas -- and the average income of the top 1 percent nationwide is $1.15 million.

Regardless, Sanders can count his lucky stars he's no longer running for president, as we're sure this piece of information would have made him an easy target.

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Bernie Sander's Instagram
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Bernie Sander's Instagram
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