Seven apartments with the most over-the-top outdoor spaces in the US

The last thing you probably want to do in the summer — no matter just how hot and humid it may be — is sit inside.

But when you're living in an urban setting or a big city, finding adequate space to enjoy the outdoors in privacy can prove to be rather difficult.

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It's no surprise that potential homeowners looking to buy in the summer months prioritize adequate outdoor space — and for some willing to shell out the big bucks, the outdoor spaces can be even more extravagant and breathtaking than the indoor space itself.

Check out the seven U.S. apartments with the most over-the-top outdoor spaces:

From the unassuming streets of SoHo in Manhattan to beachside dreamscapes in Miami, these apartments are serving serious views and room for play that might just make you never want to go back inside — until the snow comes, that is!

So whether you're dreaming of all-day barbecues, nighttime cocktail parties or just good old fashioned sunbathing, there's no denying that you a private outdoor oasis is the one luxury that might just be worth splurging for.

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