The 8 best things to buy at Trader Joe's that aren't food

When you think "Trader Joe's," a few things probably come right to mind: wine; discounts; generally pretty awesome (is that one just me?).

But some of the best things to buy at the discount grocery chain aren't even groceries.

For instance, I've written before that the store's 99-cent greeting cards are a great deal — better than the local drugstore, and even better than the dollar store. Stylish, fun cards for 99 cents each? Yes please.

Buoyed by my love of store-brand stationery, I started asking around and quickly realized that I'm not the only one in the office with a crush on a non-food item at Trader Joe's. Below, find seven more things my coworkers say are the best non-food products at Trader Joe's — plus another I couldn't resist.

The 8 best things to buy at Trader Joe's that aren't food
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The 8 best things to buy at Trader Joe's that aren't food

Dish detergent, $3.99

Their dish detergent smells great, cleans well, has no harsh chemicals in it, and doesn't leave a soapy residue.

- Richard Feloni, Senior Strategy Reporter

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Tea Tree oil face wash, $5.99

I love the Tea Tree Tingle face wash. It not only washes off a lot of my makeup but it reduces some of the oils I have on my face. It smells nice and lasts a long time.

I also use their facial moisturizer. It's unscented and not too creamy, so it doesn't make my face feel oily. It's also more affordable than brand-name moisturizers that would typically irritate my face.

- Caroline Aghajanian, Associate Producer, INSIDER

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Toilet paper, $3.99-$4.99

Their toilet paper is actually soft, durable, and a great value. I haven't thrown away money on brand names at Duane Reade in years. I love TP from TJ's!

- Anonymous Business Insider employee

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Coconut Body Butter, $5.49

I'm obsessed with this coconut body butter. It's the least greasy lotion I've ever found and it smells amazing. I buy one pretty much every time I'm in there.

- Skye Gould, Senior Graphic Designer

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Ultra moisturizing hand cream, $4.99

Their hand lotion is on par with upscale hand lotions that are at least four times its cost.

- Richard Feloni, Senior Strategy Reporter

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Tea Tree Tingle shampoo and conditioner, $3.99

The Tea Tree Tingle shampoo and conditioner. I love it because it keeps my hair perfectly moisturized every time I use it.

- Alana Yzola, Associate Producer, INSIDER shows

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Tea Tree oil soap, $1.99

Does scotch count as a non-food?

Actually, the tea-tree oil soap is a winner.

- Matthew DeBord, Senior Correspondent

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Flowers, $4.99

And while I was scurrying around a Manhattan Trader Joe's five minutes after it opened to take pictures of my coworkers' favorite products (figured you'd want to see what they look like), I thought of another one: flowers!

Anyone who's ever bought flowers knows they can get expensive. Like, $50-for-a-bouquet expensive. But at Trader Joe's? Just $5 for a lovely little spray of tulips to liven up any desk. I've bought them for friends and for coworkers, and they've always been winners.

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