The 10 best states for jobs

If you're job seeking, you know this to be true: It's harder than everyone says it is. And it's even harder when you take into account where you want to work.

That's where WalletHub's new study, "2017's Best & Worst States for Jobs," comes in to help.

WalletHub analyzed all 50 states, taking into account 24 metrics, such as job-market strength, economic vitality and opportunity.

For example, the top five overall best states for jobs are Washington, Colorado, New Hampshire, South Dakota and New Jersey. But you'll want to dig deeper in the data, depending on what exactly you're looking for in a job and locale.

Let's say money is top of mind for you. The highest monthly median starting salaries can be found mostly in Northeast states, including Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, while the lowest median starting salaries are spread throughout the country (Arkansas, South Dakota, Montana, Mississippi and Idaho).

But when it comes to job satisfaction, Idaho tops the list, followed by Montana, North Dakota, Vermont and Utah, while Maryland, Louisiana, Florida, Connecticut and Delaware fall at the bottom.

Given Idaho and Connecticut's flip-flop when it comes to money and job satisfaction, it's safe to say money can't always buy happiness.

Check out the top 10 best states for jobs below, and see the complete list here.

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