Amazon can now handle almost every single aspect of your wedding


Amazon may have gotten its start as a book seller, but founder Jeff Bezos knew early on that he wanted it to be "an everything store."

These days, it seems like he's accomplishing that.

On Tuesday, Amazon officially launched a new wedding shop on its Handmade site. Amazon launched Handmade in 2015, ostensibly to compete with the handcrafted marketplace Etsy.


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The Handmade wedding shop will sell everything from personalized cake toppers to confetti to veils, and some of the items will be eligible for two-day shipping through Amazon Prime. You can even order your invitations on the site, complete with a custom monogram.

The idea of a dedicated shop for personalized wedding-related items isn't new, and it's something Etsy already does well (for those planning a wedding, Refinery29 did a helpful comparison of the two sites). But the move is notable for another reason: it's one more step toward Amazon's wedding dominance.

Here's what I mean: You can now buy, plan, and coordinate nearly every aspect of your wedding on Amazon.

Need to buy an engagement ring? You can do that on Amazon, and even buy the matching wedding band. Men's wedding bands are available too, and in every material and price range imaginable (Seriously! You can get a titanium wedding band for $11 and it's eligible for two-day shipping).

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Once the rings are taken care of, you can shop for wedding dresses and tuxes. The tuxedo shop has a broad range of prices and styles, but you'll still need to get it tailored yourself. There are also 400 pages of wedding dresses if you have the patience to scroll through them all, and Amazon sells mother of the bride and bridesmaid dresses, too. In fact, I recently ordered a bridesmaid's dress for my sister's wedding from Amazon and I couldn't be happier with it.

As it gets closer to the big day, couples can set up their wedding registry right on Amazon's website. It has its own browser extension so you can add products to your list as you search the web, it's easy to share the registry with guests, shipping is free, and Amazon even keeps track of who bought which gift so you can write thank-you notes later.

Complete list of which wedding vendors to tip:

Amazon can even handle your wedding flowers. They'll arrange pre-made bouquet, wreaths, and centerpieces, or you can have flowers shipped wholesale so you can DIY your decor. A package of 30 hydrangea stems costs $3.79 per pound on Amazon.

And that takes care of most of the big things — all that's left is food, alcohol, and music. In a pinch, Amazon has a restaurant delivery service, and alcohol delivery is available in a few cities so far via Prime Now (it's a safe bet that more cities will be added soon).

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While Amazon lets you book services like landscaping and plumbing through its site, it doesn't yet have DJs or bands for hire, so you're on your own when it comes to music.

Even so, there are a stunning amount of wedding products and services available, and for cheaper than you'd find at traditional wedding sites or stores. While that may not be great news for the boutique wedding industry, it sure is good for couples looking to get married on the cheap.

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