This Boston College janitor put all 5 kids through school tuition-free

Fred Vautour is the ultimate family man. He's worked the overnight shift as a janitor at Boston College since 1994, has raised five children and put them all through college through his benefits — completely tuition-free.

Fred originally took the job at B.C. for the benefits over the higher wages. He claims he didn't want to work hard for just a paycheck, but put in the work hard to be the best at his job.

His hours are 11 p.m. to 7 a.m, or what some people call the "graveyard" shift. His children note he "never sleeps." Fred works solo, and rarely sees anyone else in his building while he's working. He likes routine, and works quickly and carefully to get all his tasks done by morning.

Despite his long and hard hours, Fred's passion shows that hard work pays off. He has a career he loves -- and has earned tuition remission for his entire family.

Fred's five children were all accepted in Boston College as first generation college students, and all earned Bachelor degrees in a variety of subjects including computer science, finance and nursing. They all attended B.C. tuition-free through Fred's benefits and lifelong dedication to the school -- and it's saved him over $700,000.

His daughter, Alicia, gushed "the biggest thing I learned from him was dedication." Michael adds that he thinks his dad has only missed three and a half days in the past 23 years.

"He is so passionate about work and helping us be the best people we can be."