Starbucks' latest item will keep you extra cool this summer

There's nothing better than an iced coffee on a steamy July afternoon... for about 5 minutes. After that, coffee drinkers suffer from a watered down brew that's way less appetizing.

Well, now Starbucks has given coffee lovers the gift of coffee ice cubes!

Cosmopolitan reports the coffee giant is testing the new cubes in select stores in Baltimore and St. Louis.

But to avoid the dreaded watery coffee, you'll have to pay up.

Adding the coffee cubes will cost 80 cents per drink.

On the bright side, it can be added to any drink and some Starbucks fans are saying that coffee ice cubes make a Frappuccino smoother.

We're not sure how the test will go or if and when the cubes will be offered to all stores, but in the meantime, we can live vicariously through the people who have already tasted the glory of coffee ice in their iced coffees.

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