McDonald's announces Happy Meals can now be delivered to your door

Do you love Happy Meals and Uber? Now you can get the meals delivered, which is a parent's dream on a busy night.

UberEats will now deliver in more than 1,000 locations in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago, and Columbus, Ohio.

If you're used to using the Uber car service, it's just like that. Log into UberEats and use your same account.

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Before you know it, you can have the new Nintendo "Princess Peach" toy at your front door in your golden arches box.

This all started in Florida as a pilot program and the new McDelivery looks like it will be a success.

According to a new study from, more than 80% of Americans eat fast food at least one day a week.

Parents, if you feel that driving through the drive-through was bad enough and you question your parenting skills, now you have the chance to question them even more.