Burger King is in talks of applying for a liquor license

Ever given any thought as to what cocktail would go best with a Whopper?

Probably not.

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But you might want to start thinking that way, because one Burger King in Manhattan just filed for a liquor license.

According to the DNA Info, Rackson Restaurants LLC, a Burger King franchisee located in the heart of midtown "recently approached the local community board about applying for a liquor license."

The storefront sits at 474 Seventh Avenue, between West 35th and 36th streets.

A representative from Community Board 5, the local community board that serves the seventh avenue location, confirmed that the board was approached by the franchisee about the process:

"Anyone who wants a liquor license has to come to us first, so they came to us."

However, the community board stated that it will "not..take up the matter," even thought the New York State Liquor Authority makes the final call.

A formal application for a liquor license hasn't been submitted on behalf of the Burger King location.

But if you just can't wait to douse those Chicken Fries with a cold one, fear not -- The New York Post reports that there are several locations in the U.K. that will serve you, as well as one New York City hotspot in the Financial District.

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