Why you should never lie on your resume and other must reads

It's the beginning of the new week, which means a fresh start! Start your week off on the right foot by reading up on these 5 articles from Finance Collective members. From refreshing your goals to looking at your next real estate-related move, these are must-reads!

  1. 30 Profound Words Of Wisdom That Might Just Change Your Life by REtipster: Get inspired and start your week off on a good note with these words of wisdom.
  2. How to decide when to sell your investment by Epic Quiver: Do you have an investment that you are thinking of selling? Find out when the best time to sell is.
  3. How To Financially Plan For Having Kids by The Fortunate Investor: Having kids is a big investment -- read this advice on how to manage your money for an expanding family.
  4. Top 5 Reasons (Amongst Numerous) Against Lying On Resume by Career Geek: It's good to build yourself up on your resume, but lying could set you up for major failure.
  5. 5 Ways to Establish a Steady Side Income by Spills Spot: Thinking of getting a side hustle? Here are a few easy ways to get a little extra cash flow.

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5 foolish mistakes investors make everyday
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5 foolish mistakes investors make everyday
#1. Chasing performance
"Investing in the stock market is a numbers game. You want to see a return otherwise you're treading water at best. Countless times I would hear investors say, "I've only seen X% return in the past quarter!" and want to jump ship. This short-term thinking often gets you nowhere and brings added commission costs." -InvestmentZen
#2. Thinking you can beat the market
"The twin sibling of chasing performance is believing you can time the market. In many cases, market timing results in investors selling low and buying high – the opposite of what we should be trying to accomplish. As the Peter Lynch quote goes, "There are no market timers in the 'Forbes 400,'" yet the appeal draws many investors who think they can time the market." -InvestmentZen
#3. Listening to the media
"The media may be fodder for a good laugh, but in most cases, they're simply that when it comes to investing. "By far the biggest mistake I see today is letting the media dictate how you invest. While the media is loud and comes from every direction today, they simply don't know what's in your best interests," says Clint Haynes, CMFC® of NextGen Wealth." -InvestmentZen
#5. Ignoring your investments 
"Ignorance can cost investors thousands of dollars in wasted money. Whether it be a corporate action or price plummet, if you never check on your investments, you can lose big." -InvestmentZen
#4. Not being properly diversified
"Proper diversification is a hallmark of sound investing. Sadly, too many think picking a small handful of stocks means they're diversified, without realizing that they're opening themselves up to significant risk.

On the flip side, many investors think that because they invest in mutual funds or Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), they're diversified. Little do they realize that if they don't look at what those funds hold, they could own a group of holdings that leaves them more open to risk than they realize." -InvestmentZen


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