JetBlue is serving up scoops of in-flight ice cream all summer long

Let's face it — airplane food gets a bad rap.

But gone are the days of mystery meat and almost inedible "meals."

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From free snacks to endless choices that meet any and every dietary need, airlines are stepping it up when it comes to making sure passengers' rides are as tasty as possible — and JetBlue may have just completely changed the game.

Starting May 8, Jet Blue is scooping passengers up ice-cream in three different flavors from CoolHaus.

Yes, it really does get that cold at 30,000 feet!

Passengers on all outgoing JetBlue Mint flights from Los Angeles International Airport (no matter where the destination is) will get to choose between Vanilla, Dirty Mint Chip (both of these flavors are made with hormone-free Real California dairy) and Strawberry Mojito (which is vegan, and beyond refreshing!)

VP of Marketing for JetBlue, Jamie Perry, gushed:

"As JetBlue continues to grow in Los Angeles, particularly with our successful Mint flights, we are thrilled to partner with Coolhaus, to give our customers a delicious taste of the west coast when flying east. Partnering with this great LA based brand brings a cool confection to the LAX Mint experience inspired by the city our travelers depart from."

Nothing like a little California cool to get you in prime travel mode!

But if you're not planning a flight out of LA anytime soon, you can still get in on the action — get your hands on all three of these flavors in over 5,000 grocery retailers across the country.

I scream, you scream, a lot of people scream when it comes to flying but we all can agree on screaming for ice cream on board.

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