This company is changing the way you find comfort when traveling


It's no secret that flying has become more of a nuisance, and dare we say, even a bit more anxiety-provoking in recent days.

Between scandals and reports of unsavory behavior on flights — on behalf of passengers and crew members alike — if there's anything we can do to prepare for a more enjoyable experience, we'll do it.

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First step to keeping our cool during any mishaps that might go down? Making sure we're as comfortable as possible, because neck cramps and back pains from awkward sleeping positions are enough to ruin anyone's chill.

Thankfully, we've found the affordable solution — It's a travel product provider called Cabeau, and their stuff is next level.

The company offers items such as fold-and-go blankets to memory foam neck pillows with cooling vents — the neck pillow was so comfortable we honestly considered using it as a regular pillow even if we weren't traveling!

It's one thing to grab a pair of socks or travel pillow in the airport when you're in a pinch, but why spend more on something that's not even great quality?

Cabeau is available in over 110 countries and most products are within the $10-$40 range — a small price to pay for travel relaxation.

Check out some of our favorite products below:

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