This Italian village may pay you $2000 to move there

This Italian village may only have 394 residents, but they are willing to welcome more with open arms and open wallets.

Nestled 50 miles from Genoa, Bormida is a tiny village with a dwindling population. To keep Bormida from becoming a ghost town while residents move to bigger cities, the town's mayor has proposed to pay new residents $2,000 to move into their storybook village.

Even sweeter than a moving bonus is cheap real estate. Homes in Bormida are renting below market value just to attract more people. For as little as $50 per month, you could rent a small home or pay only $130 for a larger dwelling.

While people are getting excited, this plan is still a proposal and hasn't passed the Bormida city council yet. But anyone with an "Eat Pray Love" fantasy is crossing their fingers and digging out their Rosetta Stones.

With one main street, a post office that opens 3 days per week and 4 restaurants, Bormida may not provide the rocking social life many city dwellers are used to. But if the allure of nature, small town living and crisp mountain air calls to you, shall we say "Arrivederci?"

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