Trump is reportedly selling his Caribbean estate for $28 million

President Trump is looking to get rid of his luxurious St. Martin estate.

The home, which he purchased in 2013, is called Le Château des Palmiers. It's a walled estate across nearly five acres, with both a main house and a guest house. In total, the compound has 11 bedrooms.

While the official listing states that the price is available only upon request, another listing aggregator pins the property's asking price at $28 million. Records show that it was listed for just under $20 million when Trump purchased it.

See photos of the opulent estate:

According to disclosure filings obtained by the Wall Street Journal, Trump owns the property through two shell companies called Excel Venture I LLC and Excel Venture Corp II.

Trump typically uses the Caribbean escape as a rental property, and, according to the disclosure, he gets between $100,000 and $1 million a year from it.

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