New research shows what new moms really want for Mother's Day

Whether it's a birthday or Mother's Day, it's not uncommon your mom to ask for things like "peace" or "love" or "kindness" in lieu of a gift.

But let's be honest — no matter how much you offer the intangible things, you'd probably feel pretty guilty if you didn't end up getting you mother at least something in celebration of her day (And she'd probably be a little salty about it too, even if she didn't admit it.)

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Well according to new research, it looks like the one thing moms want this mother day is actually something money can't buy — new moms, especially.

In a recent survey conducted by Wakefield Research for Chicco NaturalFit, an astounding 85 percent of new Millennial moms would like to receive acknowledgement from family and friends that they're doing a good job, rather than flowers.

The study focused on 1,000 moms across the country, aged 18-35, who had a baby in the past year.

Watch this clip of one mother featured who left for maternity leave and came back feeling utterly overwhelmed and underachieving:

The same study showed that 65 percent of new millennial moms admit they've compromised on a "role" in their lives (such as mother, spouse, daughter and/or employee) at least half of the time.

We've created a world in which moms, dads and all parental figures alike can (and should!) be able to have it all — all they want is a little acknowledgement.

So we're not saying you have to skip out on that bouquet of flowers or dashing piece of jewelry — just make sure the accompanying card has an earnest, honest "thank you!"

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