The country that surprisingly pays less for Starbucks drinks

We all need our cup of Starbucks to get through the day.

This and other things, like the unicorn frappuccino, have led the coffee company to be the second most valuable restaurant chain in the world.

But a recent study by ValuePenguin revealed Starbucks coffee can be a bit of a luxury splurge in some countries. The good news for Americans is that the U.S. definitely pays way less for Starbucks drinks than any other country in the world.

When comparing the price of a tall hot latte in 44 countries, the U.S. had the lowest price for the cup at $2.75, followed by Australia with $2.86, the UK with $2.88 and Canada paying $3.06.

These prices are nothing compared to what you would pay in Russia which is a whopping $12.32, then Vietnam with $8.18 and Thailand's $8.04 for a tall latte, AKA the small size.

No wonder why the NPD Group said 48% of Americans visited Starbucks last year, but as the study concluded, in other parts of the world a Starbucks coffee is more of a luxury, marketed to an exclusive population.

Maybe now you won't feel as guilty opting for a grande!

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