Waitress receives $1,000 tip from generous stranger: 'You deserve it'

A Nebraska waitress in Nebraska was stunned as a customer left a $1,000 tip for no apparent reason -- other than to be kind.

Aysha Lawson, 35, was working a shift at Salt 88 in Omaha when a woman, wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, sat down at one of the tables she was serving on Friday.

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"She came in during our lunch rush and was working on her laptop. She looked really happy," Lawson told InsideEdition.com.

A couple celebrating their fifthanniversary also sat down at a table with their two kids next to the woman at the same time. After their lunch, the mystery woman offered to pay for it.

"It was their anniversary so it was perfect," Lawson said. "I informed the family. They thanked her."

What Lawson didn't know, however, was that the woman had something for her as well, but she left before she could thank her.

"I processed her transaction. And I put her check in my apron," Lawson said. "When I was closing out at the end of my shift, I found it in my pocket. I opened it near the bar. Literally, I was shocked."

Lawson said she felt a mix of emotions when she saw the generous $1,000 tip.

"I kind of felt guilty because I was like, 'If this is what it looks like I felt there [are] people who need this more than I do,'" Lawson said. "It was very shocking."

But, she also said the moment reminded her of something.

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"A lot of people feel like you do it [service jobs] because you don't have a path in life and there was a moment where I thought maybe there are people who really appreciate what you do and see the value in it," Lawson said.

Lawson showed the tip to her manager quickly after and his response was simple.

"You deserve it," he said.

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