The 20 best places for new dads to work

The US is one of the worst countries for parental leave — and it's especially bad for new dads.

Simon Isaacs, cofounder of Fatherly, an online parenting resource for men, says very few US employers provide paid paternity leave today.

"This means a lot of new dads are not able to take time to bond with their babies and be at home with their families," he told Business Insider.

The good news is that the conversation around paternity leave is louder than ever, he said. "We are seeing companies realize the importance of offering longer paid leave options to their workforce."

For a third time, Fatherly decided to find the companies leading the race and spotlight those organizations for its annual list of the Best Places To Work For New Dads.

To compile the list, Fatherly looked at things like paternity leave policies, flexible hours, and telecommuting options. (Read more on the methodology here.)

"These employers are showing that offering new dads more paid time off can be a real competitive advantage — particularly as it relates to recruiting and retaining top talent," Isaacs said.

He added that paternity leave — which is not "time off" — is important for a number of reasons. "There is an increasing body of evidence behind the importance of father-child bonding beginning in the first few weeks," Isaacssaid. "With more couples than ever sharing responsibilities at home, paternity leave is also important to support your wife or spouse."

Netflix — which began offering "unlimited" maternity and paternity leave to its employees in 2015 — leads Fatherly's list for 2017. Etsy, which began offering 26 weeks of paid leave regardless of gender last year, follows close behind.

Below are the top 20 companies on Fatherly's list of the best companies for new dads. To see the complete list of all 50 employers, click here.​​​

Jacquelyn Smith contributed to an earlier version of this article.

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