House Republicans just passed a bill that will change pay for overtime workers

We've all done it — whether we're slacking off during the day or just feel like going above and beyond, sometimes you just end up working more hours than you're slated to.

But the silver lining in overworking is being compensated for doing so, and usually, that means being paid time-and-a-half for those extra hours you clock.

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Well, that may not be so true anymore.

On May 2, the House passed a bill that will allow private-sector employers to compensate paid overtime with accrued paid time off.

The bill was passed 229 to 197 — no Democrats voted in favor of the bill while six Republicans voted against it.

The GOP is calling the legislation the Working Families Flexibility Act — presenting the new bill as a way for hourly-waged employees to compensate a heavy workweek with more time off to spend with their families or however they so choose.

Democrats were not too pleased with the bill, whatsoever.

Even Senator Elizabeth Warren sounded off on Twitter about the new bill:

Though the new bill most certainly will allow workers with time off that's commensurable with the extra work hours they've put in, it's still an unstated fact that an employee's manager still has the final say in approving workers' time off when they do request to use the time off that they've earned.

Eight Democrats will need to vote in favor of the bill in order to avoid a filibuster.

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