Taco Bell opens reservations on May 5 for dining experience in its Test Kitchen

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, and those celebrating the holiday everywhere are in a mad dash to make reservations at the hottest Mexican hotspots for chips, guac and margs on margs on margs.

But this year, the most difficult reservation to snag isn't actually at a traditional restaurant at all — yet a seat here is a spot that's been coveted for years and unopened to the general public until this year.

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No, it's not some five-star cantina's grand opening — it's the chance to make reservations at Taco Bell's Test Kitchen.

32 spots will be open to fast-food fans that can score a reservation through OpenTable — But this dinner certainly will not be your average Taco Bell meal.

Liz Matthews, Chief Food Officer at Taco Bell Corp, dishes:

"The chance to be the first to see our innovative food, where its created, from the chefs who make it happen, is a unique experience that's never been available to the public until now. As a brand known for our firsts, we're excited to open our doors into the magic of our innovation and give our biggest fans an experience they'll never forget."

The meal will be presented by Taco Bell's finest innovators and chefs, presenting a dining experience that will include classics with a twist and brand new menu items.

Best part — the dinner will be completely free of charge (albeit transportation to get there, of course!)

All attendees must be 21 or older because it wouldn't be a true Cinco de Mayo celebration be without a little tequila!

Looking to score a seat at the table?

Hop on to OpenTable on May 5 when Taco Bell releases the reservation URL — the dinner is set two weeks from the day on May 19.

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