Quick trick could get you your dream job & other must-reads


It's the beginning of the new week, which means a fresh start! Start your week off on the right foot by reading up on these 5 articles from Finance Collective members. From refreshing your goals to looking at your next real estate-related move, these are must-reads!

  1. The Cheapest Ways To Become A Millionaire by Dollar After Dollar: Are you on the verge of becoming a millionaire? Find out the cheapest way to get there.

  2. How To Make Budget Decisions by Couple of Sense: Your budget and financial strategy is crucial not only for how you spend your money in the present, but also for the future.

  3. When to Spend Your Emergency Fund by She Picks Up Pennies: Having an emergency fund is important, but knowing when to use it is vital.

  4. 5 Minute Resume Tricks That Can Land You A Job You Want by Career Geek: Don't miss out on a job just because your resume was missing a simple detail.

  5. When and How to Ask for Discounts on Services by Project Beach Life: Did you know you could be saving money on your typical services? Find out when you should be checking to see if you can save some cash!

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