15 best jobs you've never heard of

Here's what to know about these fantastic, unknown jobs.

Question: What do a genetic counselor, fabricator and diagnostic medical sonographer have in common? Answer: You may have no idea what they do – or what skills they require. But these lesser-known gigs offer fat paychecks, low unemployment and robust job growth. Click forward for the 15 best jobs you've never heard of from U.S. News' 2017 Best Jobs rankings.

Best jobs you've never heard of
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Best jobs you've never heard of


Median Salary: $31,630
Unemployment Rate: 3.4 percent
Expected Job Openings: 28,100

Phlebotomists can't be scared of needles. They specialize in drawing blood and maintaining blood-drawing equipment.

Learn more about phlebotomists.

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Industrial Psychologist

Median Salary: $77,350
Unemployment Rate: 1.2 percent
Expected Job Openings: 400

These professionals apply psychological theories to issues within the workplace, including human resources, sales and marketing problems.

Learn more about industrial psychologists.

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Median Salary: $61,880
Unemployment Rate: 3.6 percent
Expected Job Openings: 3,600

Cartographers create and update maps, an in-demand skill set for designing print, online and mobile maps.

Learn more about cartographers.

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Compliance Officer

Median Salary: $65,640
Unemployment Rate: 1.7 percent
Expected Job Openings: 8,700

These specialized business professionals make sure organizations are following policies and regulations.

Learn more about compliance officers.

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Genetic Counselor

Median Salary: $72,090
Unemployment Rate: 3.1 percent
Expected Job Openings: 700

These master's degree-educated professionals help patients identify potential genetic conditions.

Learn more about genetic counselors.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Median Salary: $68,970
Unemployment Rate: 0.4 percent
Expected Job Openings: 16,000

These health care specialists use sonography equipment to capture images for a number of medical purposes, from finding out the sex of a baby to imaging tumors.

Learn more about diagnostic medical sonographers.


Median Salary: $74,260
Unemployment Rate: 3 percent
Expected Job Openings: 2,500

These experts coordinate with a range of parties to accomplish a task, from aiding in disaster relief to ensuring quick deliveries to customers. 

Learn more about logisticians.

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Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Median Salary: $73,360
Unemployment Rate: 1.4 percent
Expected Job Openings: 300

Nuclear medicine technologists have mastered a process that involves injecting small amounts of radioactive material into patients to diagnose certain diseases and illnesses.

Learn more about nuclear medicine technologists.

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Median Salary: $37,050
Unemployment Rate: 7.6 percent
Expected Job Openings: 1,600

Fabricators assemble and build equipment and machinery.

Learn more about fabricators.

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Radiologic Technologist

Median Salary: $56,670
Unemployment Rate: 1.4 percent
Expected Job Openings: 17,200

These health care workers are trained to perform medical imaging exams and administer radiation therapy treatments to diagnose and treat medical conditions.

Learn more about radiologic technologists.

Wind Turbine Technician

Median Salary: $51,050
Unemployment Rate: 5.1 percent
Expected Job Openings: 4,800

These workers adjust, diagnose, inspect or repair wind turbines. Training may take place on the job or through a technical program.

Learn more about wind turbine technicians.

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Computer Network Architect

Median Salary: $100,240
Unemployment Rate: 0.6 percent
Expected Job Openings: 12,700

Computer network architects work for businesses and organizations to design, construct and maintain a range of communication networks.

Learn more about computer network architects.

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Information Security Analyst

Median Salary: $90,120
Unemployment Rate: 3.9 percent
Expected Job Openings: 14,800

These technology professionals safeguard a company's computer systems and networks, shielding them from data breaches and cyberattacks.

Learn more about information security analysts.

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Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselor

Median Salary: $39,980
Unemployment Rate: 2.8 percent
Expected Job Openings: 21,200

These counselors help patients work their way through problems related to addiction and behavioral disorders, including eating disorders, alcoholism and drug abuse. 

Learn more about substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors.

Radiation Therapist

Median Salary: $80,220
Unemployment Rate: 1.7 percent 
Expected Job Openings: 2,300

These medical professionals typically need a 12-month certificate or, better yet, an associate degree, plus a license, to get started in radiation therapy, which involves the use of radiation to treat cancer. 

Learn more about radiation therapists. 

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