The 10 US states residents are fleeing right now


American residents are on the move!

New data by United Van Lines, a large, St. Louis-based moving company that managed over 100,000 moves last year, revealed the heavy U.S. migration patterns in 2016. The study ranks the number of individuals that left a state in proportion to total moves in that state.

High living costs and demographic shifts pushed residents out of some states and into others. Droves of people ditched the Northeast last year and migrated to milder weather and cheaper living.

According to the report, U.S. citizens are packing up their bags and moving to locales like South Dakota, Vermont and Oregon. But which states are being left behind?

Discover the top 10 outbound states in America here:

Droves of citizens are fleeing Utah, Ohio and Connecticut. Kansas and Kentucky also landed spots on the list of some of the most outbound locations.

So what other states are having trouble holding onto locals? Which spot had the biggest proportion of moves? Check out the slideshow above.

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