Customer gives restaurant server 'personal gift' because 'taxation is theft'

In lieu of a tip, a customer at a Missouri restaurant opted to give their server a "personal gift."

The receipt, from an eatery called Del Rio, soon landed on Reddit and received thousands of upvotes:

The customer wrote "taxation is theft" on the tip line. The poster called the move, "The Libertarian way to leave a 'tip.'"

They left separate money for their waitress and left a note saying, "This is not a tip. This is a personal gift and not subject to federal or state income taxes."

As pointed out by ATTN:, as of now a tip factors into a server's salary; federal minimum wage for tipped workers is $2.13 an hour.

Tips are taxable income according to the IRS. An IRS spokesperson told ATTN: that he never heard of a personal gift scenario and did not discuss the legal implications.

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