7 features that hurt your home's value

Calling all homeowners!

If you own property, chances are you're constantly investing in new renovations to keep your home spiffy and fresh.

While you're most likely choosing restorations based on your personal preferences and tastes, you should always keep resale value in mind. You never know when your home is going to hit the market, and if you're hoping to sell your digs down the road, the money and effort you pour in now is going to come back around come bid time.

Unfortunately, some projects and renovations that you think are boosting curb appeal can actually trash your home's value.

Check out the gallery for 7 features that can cause property value to plummet:

For example, quirky, trendy features, like ornate lighting fixtures or black and white tiles, may depreciate in value over time and seem outdated in a few years.

And even though you love the color orange, an orange-painted bedroom will likely not sell as well as a cleaner, neutral wall would. A study by Zillow found homes with terracotta-colored living rooms sold for an average of $793 less than other homes. Instead, compromise with orange bedding, and stick to a more soothing hue on the walls, like cream or light blue.

Another tip? High-end gadgets and electronics can scare off potential buyers. Skip the over-the-top whirlpool tub, and opt for a simple stall with a state-of-the-art shower head. Your wallet will thank you down the road!

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