Book before this date to save money on your summer vacation

June in France, July in Thailand or August at New England's best beaches are all totally doable.

Break out your calendar and outsmart the airlines by planning your summer vacation around the cheapest dates to book a flight.

According to USA Today, if you're staying domestic it's best to book before May 20, because airfare increases on May 21.

If you can't make that date, definitely book before June 15, or wait for a late summer trip post August 30.

On the bright side, it takes the whole summer for East coast waters to get warm.

If a London vacation is more your cup of tea, get booking fast. May 12, is when summer Europe fares jump.

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Try to depart on May 11, for the cheapest summer fares and maybe you'll actually score good seats to the London Theater as an added bonus.

Similarly, book a trip to Asia before May 15, or at least by June 9, if you miss that date. Spend July 4, at home and book after August 20.

Remember, don't keep those vacation dates a secret and let your family know when to get seats. You don't want to be stuck FaceTiming, while your family is at the beach.