Adidas gets slammed for poorly worded Boston Marathon email

First there was Pepsi. Then there was United. Now there's Adidas, the latest brand that could be facing a PR crisis of its own in the next few hours.

That's because on Tuesday, people who ran the Boston Marathon were sent a very, well, disturbing email from Adidas. The subject line? "Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon," with the body of the email advertising some of the brand's most popular running attire.

This could of course be taken two ways. One way is, "Congrats on running that marathon!" The other way is that by using the word "surviving," the brand is making an ill-conceived joke about the bombings near the finish line of the marathon back in 2013, which killed three people. Either way, poor choice of words.

Mic has reached out to Adidas for comment.

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