Snapchat dives below $20

The stock price for Snap Inc. just fell below $20.

Shares of the parent company behind messenger Snapchat have been on a wild ride since the company's IPO. The stock rallied from $17 to $27 in its first two days of trading, only to tumble 30% over the following weeks.

That was until shares got a boost following a deluge of positive ratings from Wall Street analysts on March 27, including:

  • Goldman Sachs: Buy, $27 price target
  • Morgan Stanley: Overweight, $28 price target
  • Citi: Buy, $27 price target
  • RBC: Outperform, $31 price target
  • Jefferies: Buy, $30 price target
  • Oppenheimer: Market perform
  • Credit Suisse: Outperform, $30 price target
  • UBS: Neutral, $24 price target
  • Stifel: Hold, $24 price target
  • Cowen: Outperform, $26 price target

However, the momentum from those ratings quickly faded, and Snap shares closed ended Thursday's session at $20.19. The drop followed Facebook's Instagram reporting that their Snapchat clone, "stories" has more than 200 million daily users, ahead of the 161 million reported by Snapchat.


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That sell-off seems to be continuing on Monday.

Click here for a real-time Snap chart.

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