How logging complaints against United can get you sued

By Angeli Kakade, Buzz60

United Airlines doesn't like bad PR. What company does?

The airline giant has recently seen its share of bad PR days, but according to one man, it's nothing new.

Jeremy Cooperstock thought United Airlines was so bad that he started a consumer rights advocacy Web site 20 years ago.

Some might call a parody site, but not Cooperstock who told Mashable he's been collecting complaints against United since 1997.

Back then, he filed a complaint and after receiving one of those generic emails back, the engineering professor from Montreal started

When you get to you must check a box that says you understand the website is not the site of United Airlines.

Untied says it's collected more than 30,000 complaints but that United Airlines is now trying to shut them down.

Mashable reports the airline is suing Cooperstock asking him to remove certain parody elements and the contact information of employees who don't oversee complaints.

If you're really angry at United Airlines, or just have some extra cash to spare, Cooperstock is accepting donations to take on the airline giant.