New study confirms that sedentary office jobs increase obesity and heart disease risk

Participants working desk jobs were found to have larger waists and a dramatically increased risk of developing heart disease.

A recent study conducted by Dr. William Tigbe from the Warwick Medical School and the University of Warwick found further scientific evidence that office or sedentary jobs are detrimental to cardiovascular health.

It is commonly known that exercise is important for reducing the risk of heart disease. Studies show that spending 7 hours a day on your feet or walking 7 miles a day is ideal for safeguarding against cardiovascular issues and maintaining a healthy weight.

Yet, how bad is it if you have an office job and don't walk 7 miles or exercise every day?

That is what Dr. Tigbe's study sought to explore and answer. The new research showed that waist circumference increased by 2 centimeters, with the risk of heart diseases increasing by 0.2% for each additional hour spent a day sitting after 5 hours.

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One of the other researchers who assisted with the study stated, "Our new research supports that idea. The 'bottom' line is that if you want to be sure of having no risks of heart disease, you must keep off your bottom!"

Science is clear. Everybody needs to be active. Especially, people working office jobs. Most people want to get in shape and be more active. But, it's hard. A lot of people don't have the time to go to a gym every night after work or the money to hire a personal trainer.

The important thing is to focus on the tangible actions you can do to combat this risk NOT the doom and anxiety that comes from reading your sedentary career choice increases your risk of heart disease.

Don't have the time or the money for a gym membership or a personal trainer? Try an at-home exercise program. Tried P90X and it wasn't for you and too mainstream? Try a different exercise program. There is no one size fits all approach to being active. Look into a more diverse exercise program like Fitness Results, which takes an omni-channel approach to fitness solutions. They have an online training system, a book "30 Minute Body" based on their innovative streamlined home workout and a popular gym in Upland, CA.

These types of multi-level fitness systems help give busy Americans more options and make sticking with a fitness regimen that much more likely. Perfect pictures of chiseled in shape models do not serve to motivate everyone. So, find the program that offers great solutions for the obstacles that are keeping you back from being proactive about your health.

In the example, Fitness Results offers programs that debunk common fitness myths such as being too old to start working out or that cardio alone is the best way to burn fat. Their 30 minute Body Challenge was developed by world champion bench press lifter, and certified personal trainer, Lance McCullough.

McCullough has led over 100,000 personal training sessions. He developed a program that works for both seniors and millennials, working parents, and busy, fast-paced, executives. Not everyone is going to be a world champion bench press lifter. But, everyone can follow a simple, safe, effective and affordable fitness program for improving your health and quality and length of life.

Look at the solutions. It does little good to bring up a news headline about the correlation between sedentary jobs and cardiovascular disease, just to share new information. It's only of value in the big picture when viewed alongside options, and the people actively working every day to contribute to the solution.

We invest hundreds of hours each month in our career goals. Investing 30 minutes a day in our health is a no-brainer and modern fitness systems make it easier than ever to start and succeed.