United Airlines parent's shares down after backlash in China

April 11 (Reuters) - Shares of United Airlines parent United Continental Holdings Inc fell, after a passenger who appeared to be Asian was physically dragged off a flight on Sunday, prompting a backlash on Chinese social media on Tuesday.

United Airlines' decision to drag the passenger off a flight from Chicago to Louisville on Sunday attracted more than 130 million views on its Weibo platform by Tuesday afternoon.

The company got about 14 percent of its 2016 revenue from flying Pacific routes.

See some of the reactions to the viral video here:

People react to United Airlines kicking a passenger off a flight
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People react to United Airlines kicking a passenger off a flight
Pepsi: We are the most hated company right now. 😓 United Airlines: 1 sec - Hold my Pepsi. #PEPSI #unitedAIRLINES
Not so friendly skies huh @united ? Makes me sick now how you treat customers. I hope he sues hard. #unitedairlines https://t.co/D13SDvHfLq
You want passengers to give up their seats because you have piss poor planning & then beat them up? Shame on you. @united #unitedAIRLINES
Apparently @united 's inability to coordinate a flight makes violent assault against customers ok. Never flying #UnitedAirlines again
NEVER flying @united ever again! Horrific, brutal, intolerable treatment of passenger, + tone-deaf "apology" from CEO. #UnitedAirlines
Dear United Airlines: People have smart phones.
Perhaps @MerriamWebster can help #United Airlines with the definition of "volunteer"
United Airlines to United Airlines: "I see your legging-gate, and I raise you a passenger beating" #UnitedAirlines #United #flight3411
Look on the bright side, United Airlines. After this incident, you'll never have to worry about a flight being overbooked again.
You thought United Airlines was tough on folks who wear leggings. Just wait to see what they do to folks in sweat p… https://t.co/x5Nzp7gcn1
Poor planning on your part doesn't constitute an emergency on ours. Fly Southwest. Fly Delta. Hell, fly Spirit. Not #UnitedAirlines

United Airlines also raised its flight capacity forecast for the first quarter, citing an improvement in mainline completion factor - a measure of the number of completed flights relative to the number of flights scheduled.

Last year, U.S. airlines saw a decline in unit revenue, a closely watched measure, due to higher capacity and lower fares. (Reporting by Ankit Ajmera in Bengaluru; Editing by Shounak Dasgupta)

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