McDonald's is now accepting Snapchats as job applications

McDonald's is using Snapchat to hire job applicants in Australia.

The fast-food chain is asking applicants to send them a 10-second Snapchat video using a filter that shows them wearing a McDonald's uniform.

The videos, which McDonald's is calling "Snaplications," will serve as the first round in the interview process.

McDonald's will review the videos and send digital applications to potential employees who could move on to the next round in the process.

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Snapchat is a smartphone application that allows users to send picture or video messages that disappear after the recipient views them.

McDonald's is looking for applicants with a "bubbly personality," according to Shaun Ruming, chief operating officer of McDonald's Australia.

"I've learned a lot about Snapchat recently from my 14-year-old daughter," Ruming told the Australian news website "We're looking for that positivity, bubbly personality, someone we think would be good in a customer service role. Based on what my daughter sends to her friends, you do get a bit of a glimpse [from a 10-second video]."

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