10 jobs with the biggest share of senior workers

Where are America's seniors working? Time recently used U.S. Census data to compile a list of 50 jobs in which people work the longest and another list of careers where people retire the earliest.

Time says the age when workers decide to retire "varies widely across different professions."

For example, Time says less than 0.2 percent of paramedics are 66 and older. Dental hygienists, physician assistants and sheet metal workers also have a tiny share of senior workers.

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On the flip side, Time says these 10 professions have the biggest share of senior workers:


Tips for getting a job as an older worker

Are you an older American who plans to continue working, but doesn't want to do the same old job? One key to success might be tweaking your resume so it doesn't give away your age. As we have written:

Don't let your resume be a giveaway to your age. Eliminate the dates on your education and limit your work history to no more than the last 15 years. Both changes can help you avoid standing out as the elder job candidate.

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